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6000 Yards Of New Material Have Just Arrived To Bolster Our Great Selection Of The Best In RV Upholstery Fabrics And Vinyls.


We Have Recently Acquired An Inventory Of Commercial Grade Upholstery Fabrics Like Those Used In Public Transit Buses, Hospital Furniture, And Other Heavy Use Applications. Commercial Grade Fabric Is Extremely Durable And Is A Great Option For Your RV Or Any Other Upholstery Application.

Welcome to RV Fabric.com the newest addition to the Surplus Online family of discounted merchandise including van seating, captain's chairs, jackknife sofa's, dinette sets. RV Fabric is the source for quality discounted fabric for all your upholstery needs.

As a reminder, RV Fabric.com would like to mention that not all colors appear to be the same color when viewed from different monitors. Your color settings and the age of your monitor effects the colors that you view. If color is an issue, please take advantage of the free shipping on the 1 dollar swatches and have some delivered to your door.

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All Sales are Final
All fabric is sold by the running yard which 54" x 36".
There is a minimum purchase of 5 yards.
The price you see is for one running yard

Orders are shipped via UPS Ground

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